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Welcome To The Ranch

This is the landing page for Books, Screenplays and Film Services, plus innovative Designs & Builds by James Arnett.


James is a project man, an author, designer and a second generation filmmaker from New York City, New York, having completed two formal filmmaking programs and two internships before relocating to Los Angeles, California to work in independent film.

He also taught the Digital Filmmaking courses at LTU in Los Angeles during the transitional period between optical/chemical methods to digital methods for a decade, where he authored the essential reference book, “Guide Book For Guerrilla Filmmakers.”

James was contracted by the New York State Fraternal Order Of Police to write and produce their feature length "September Eleventh Memorial" series, after relocating to rural Arizona.

Over the years, James has built a very solid reputation for completing the most difficult projects without going over-budget, even turning production disasters around into something better than the original plan [you know, those plans that seem to always go wrong] by regularly offering creative and timely solutions.

Besides making movies, writing fiction, text books, screenplays and software, he designs and builds his own signature furniture at his Arizona Ranch.

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Back From The Dead

After three and a half days, James walked out of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) under his own power. The doctors at Oro Valley Hospital did a great job saving his life and putting him back together again.

Now he's off to several months of hard work in physical therapy, happy to be alive - one more time. He's got work to do.


Upcoming Books

Two completed manuscripts in the proof-reading phase. Expected release, by end of year.

The first two of the trilogy, Superstition Highway and Superstition Mountain.





New Screenplays

The Hotel Avadon is a feature length motion picture, designed to serve as the extended Pilot episode for a television series featuring a haunted hotel where every Black Jubilee, the doors of the hotel open to a liminal world, luring guests into a dimension outside of time, somewhere between life and death to be weighed, measured and judged. Genre: Christian Horror.


The Days Of Lot is first Post Tribulation Rapture screenplay that turns the very commercial genre on its head, creating its own, new genre: Christian Horror.



Designs & Builds

Here is the minimalist camper design and build that James did for the Fifth Generation Toyota 4Runner.



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