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Ssince the early 1990's, James has been writing screenplays and teleplays in several genres.


"Valhalla" (1992)

An Adventure Into Darkness At The Speed Of Light

Feature Length Screenplay written by James Arnett.

Genre: Science-Fiction.

Valhalla is a story about human domination over aboriginal life on new worlds, the domination over humanity itself by twelve families who are total masters of the Earth, imposing and maintaining their control over the human settlers of the new worlds, who are making their last stand against a combined assault force from the home world bent on their destruction.

A Worldfest Charleston winner. And the Star Trek™ letter regarding his first screenplay, which convinced James that he should continue to write more teleplays and screenplays.

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"Happy Trailers" (1994)

The Oily, Sleazy, Tell Me It Aint's So Mama, Show

Television series pilot.

Genre: Situation Comedy.

This TV Sitcom Pilot takes absurd humor over the top in an Arkansas trailer park called, “Happy Trailers.”

Each bizarre trailer park resident shares the same confused lineage with everyone else, just like the Royal Family, they reckon. They are all related to each other as the product of several generations of loud and proud inbreeding.

It's an extreme take on “The Munsters,” complete with their own Marilyn character, the strange adopted child, which makes her the odd ball out because she really isn't one of them, no matter how much she wishes to belong.

The Absurd drama in the trailer park is a reflection of the Jerry Springer generation, a parody of political correctness turned upside-down.

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"Bikini Models Inc" (1996)

Welcome To The Island Paradise Of Staten Island, New York

Television series pilot.

Genre: Situation Comedy.

This TV Sitcom Pilot takes place in Staten Island, New York, a floating borough anchored to Brooklyn by the Verrizzano Bridge with the swamps of Jersey within easy swimming distance.

Where else would a start-up Bikini Modeling Agency thrive and survive beyond the competition of the Ford Modeling Agency on Fifth Avenue? Oops, I meant, the Dodge Modeling agency, whatever.

It's a tough racket but the owner and his employees manage to swim with the sharks. Their stable of big, beautiful, plus-size bikini models with Brooklyn attitude are up to the challenge of competing with the best in the world, even if it mean cracking a few kneecaps.

They're the up and coming Sopranos of the modeling world.

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"Stasi-X" (1998)

The Hunter In The Killers Domain

Feature Length Screenplay written by James Arnett.

Genre: Suspense-Thriller.

STASI Agent Nikol Keller is officially dead. She was reported killed in the rubble of the Berlin Wall but she survived and followed Hans Raymer to the United States to complete her last mission to eliminate East Germany's worst serial killer, a high party official who killed his political rivals to rise to the top.

In America, Nikol has no identity, no citizenship, no papers, she is officially dead, living under the radar. She lives in the shadows, a hard and dangerous life as a homeless woman with a gun. She spent the past thirty years hunting Raymer, killing off his proteges in the hope that they will ultimately lead her to the elusive Hans Raymer.

But she's no longer under the radar. An Interpol officer does not believe that Nikol Keller is dead and he has come to the United States to apprehend her.

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"Apocalypso" (1999)

It's The End Of The World And I'm Still Surrounded By Idiots

Feature Length Screenplay written by James Arnett.

Genre: Zombie Comedy.

The trumpets have sounded and the dead have risen from their graves but no, you haven't missed the Rapture.

This is the Apocalypso, where Juan, a Starberg's coffee barista, and Cindy, his trigger-happy sidekick, who was just [exotic] dancing her way through college right before the zombie apocalypse started, crash their unstoppable H2 Hummer through anything that stands between them and finding Juan's girlfriend Theresa, who's lost in a city of the living dead, doomsday cults, and vindicated Y2K survivalists partying like it's 1999.

This zombie genre crowd pleaser throws everything at zombies from flashy automatic weapons to weapons of mass destruction.
Apocalypso is a full-throttle horror feature, spinning the classic zombie mythos into a disturbing yet all-out fun mix of attitude and adrenaline. Visualize the desperation of "Black Orpheus" meeting the relentless creatures of "Night Of The Living Dead" under sweeping desert vistas and widespread urban carnage for an epic scope production.

Apocalypso is the mother of all smart, funny, zombie shotgun splatterfests.

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"Superstition Highway" (2004)

Whatever Doesn't Kill You

Feature Length Screenplay written by James Arnett.

Genre: 1970's Action.

The privileged life of Katherine Margolis was interrupted when she inherited her late father's investment firm but she wasn't prepared for the life that awaited her when she found out that her new husband was only motivated by his determination to take everything from her, including her life.

Her only hope is Shane Norton, an older man who she would never have anything to do with the day before, someone with just an old motorcycle, a lot of guts and nothing left to lose on the Superstition Highway, running a gauntlet of 1970's style action in the American southwest.

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"Mary Shelley's The Last Man" (2006)

I Am The Destroyer Of Mankind

Feature Length Screenplay written by James Arnett.

Genre: Post Apocalyptic.


A global pandemic leaves one unscarred man in his odyssey through a dying world, amidst the disfigured remnant of humanity.

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"Blocked" (2010)

Love Conquors All But A Bullet.

Feature Length Motion Picture Screenplay written by James Arnett.

Genre: Noir Thriller.


This feature film goes beyond the Noir visual style, it's a true Noir that emphasizes cynical, fatalistic attitudes and sexual motivations that embodies a descent into paranoia and desperation when an online stalker crosses over from the abstract world of the social network into the life of a man who has nothing left to lose but his life, his wife and everything he hasn't already lost in these desperate times.

Blocked is "Cape Fear" meets "Fatal Attraction" in the age of social networking, filmed in the stark, dark vision that is Film Noir.

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"The Days Of Lot" (2021)

The Same Day That Lot Went Out Of Sodom It Rained Fire And Brimstone From Heaven, And Destroyed Them All.

Feature Length Motion Picture Screenplay written by James Arnett, currently seeking S.A.G. Ultra Low Budget financing.

Genre: Christian Horror.

THE DAYS OF LOT is the first of a Bible-based trilogy that begins during the modern days of Lot, when they were eating and drinking like any other day, that their destruction began to come down around them.

And like the days of Noah, when the sons of God came down and took wives for themselves from the daughters of men, the flood came and took them away, with few left behind. UFOs appear and the aliens driving them are not what they seem. To the world, they present themselves as angels of light, not revealing that their god is the god of this world - Lucifer.

This isn’t your grandfather’s Rapture movie. It’s the Post Tribulation point of view that no one has ever told on film before. Four story threads follow those left behind through the dry places of the American Southwest, while the deceived are taken up to be shown the kingdoms of the earth, just like Satan did to Jesus, offering the people of the Earth utopia - if they just worship that man of sin as God, who is pretending to be Jesus by working false miracles. And they do worship him as their God, believing they were Raptured by the true Christ, who they believe stands before them.

This is that great apostasy, the strong delusion that would deceive the very elect, if that were possible. And you don’t have to be a traditional Christian to experience the horror and desperation of this story. If Stephen King was Catholic, THE STAND would have read a lot more like THE DAYS OF LOT.

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"The Hotel Avadon" (2022)

The Phantoms Here Will Lure You To The Crossroads Of Karma.

Feature Length Motion Picture Screenplay written by James Arnett, designed to serve as the Pilot for a television series, currently seeking S.A.G. Ultra Low Budget financing.

Genre: Christian Horror.

THE HOTEL AVADON” television series is an anthology that takes place at a haunted hotel by the same name. There is a recurring cast of supernatural characters like the Sentinel, who guards the gates of Sheol, and the Concierge of the dead with his minions and lost souls.

Each episode title is a room number. That’s the show wrapper. Each episode occurs at a different time period because in Sheol, time is irrelevant. Those trapped there are often characters of various episodes, having lived and died during random time periods, depicted in each episode. The “present” represents the Shmita Shakor, the Black Jubilee year, when Halloween falls upon the Sabbath. That’s when the hotel room doors open for whoever is called to enter the liminal world, outside of temporal reality, where the past and the future are always now.

Each episode features a guest star character, about to meet their demise or find their salvation, drawn there to be weighed by a very judgmental Sentinel and his demonic counterpart who runs Club Avadon below. Sometimes the guest lives, sometimes the guest dies, depending on their moral choices and the inevitability of their karma.

Every step of the way, they can choose to change their direction away from self-destruction. But do they make that choice? They all have their own issues, impulses and desires but the inevitablity of their karma is the core conflict driving each episode. That’s the disturbing, uncomfortable and compelling horror of each episode because our own final disposition might be our hope, or it might be the terror that meets us on a late, sleepless night, or at the last breath of life.

That’s a very primal fear. It’s why this is going to succeed as a series.

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