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James Arnett is always developing, designing or building exciting, new projects in several areas of his expertise.

His strengths are vision, planning, untiring execution, and completion - he always finishes what he starts.

Here is what's on the launching pad at the ranch this year:


"The Days Of Lot"

A Feature Length Motion Picture Project written by James Arnett, seeking low budget funding.

Genre: Christian Horror.

Synopsis: THE DAYS OF LOT is the first of a Bible-based trilogy that begins during the modern days of Lot, when they were eating and drinking like any other day, that their destruction began to come down around them.

And like the days of Noah, when the sons of God came down and took wives for themselves from the daughters of men, the flood came and took them away, with few left behind. UFOs appear and the aliens driving them are not what they seem. To the world, they present themselves as angels of light, not revealing that their god is the god of this world - Lucifer.

This isn’t your grandfather’s Rapture movie. It’s the Post Tribulation point of view that no one has ever told on film before. Four story threads follow those left behind through the dry places of the American Southwest, while the deceived are taken up to be shown the kingdoms of the earth, just like Satan did to Jesus, offering the people of the Earth utopia - if they just worship that man of sin as God, who is pretending to be Jesus by working false miracles. And they do worship him as their God, believing they were Raptured by the true Christ, who they believe stands before them.

This is that great apostasy, the strong delusion that would deceive the very elect, if that were possible. And you don’t have to be a traditional Christian to experience the horror and desperation of this story. If Stephen King was Catholic, THE STAND would have read a lot more like THE DAYS OF LOT.

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The Model VF-1 SMG

Pistol caliber blow-back action submachineguns have not advanced much since the end of World War II - until now.

During the lockdown of the 2020 pandemic, James Arnett came up with his newest design, embodied by his model VF-1 Personal Defense Weapon SMG that bridges the gap between straight blow-back and mechanically delayed actions with a compact, light weight, gas delayed blow-back action that provides the reduced recoil and consistent linear accuracy of an HK MP-5 without the bulk, mass and weight of their new more cost effective MP-7 straight blow-back design.

This was originally designed as a Naval Boarding weapon with high corrosion resistence, in either 9mm or .45ACP.

The model VF-1 uses a small, closed bolt, gas delayed, short recoil system that maintains a slender one inch width. No heavy recoil spring or heavy, oversized bolt is required to keep overall weight down to the minimum. All moving parts of the action, except the charging handle, are contained within the upper receiver to restrict the entrance of foreign matter into the action for dependable all weather operation.


In a nutshell, the VF-1 offers the low cost and simplicity of manufacturing a straight blow-back action but with the superior shooting characteristcs of the HK MP-5 with lower weight and in a more compact size by utilizing a newly designed gas delayed system.

The simple, low-tolerance geometry of the components make manufacturing fast and cost effective, performed in either a modern factory or a rural machine shop.

Its magic is leveraging low tolerance design.

The only high tolerance parts are two gas rings, the commonly available AR-15 gas rings, which are self-adjusting to wear and cost less than a dollar to replace after many thousands of cycles. The rest of the components are coated with a self-lubricating, anti-abrasion film so the action can be fired "dry" without the action seizing under prolonged use in sandy or even below freezing conditions.


Simple, tool-less disassembly makes it convenient for field maintenance.

The VF-1 represents the most significant breakthrough in submachinegun design in the past hundred years because it works well without the cost or any of the other drawbacks in the existing, out-dated technology.

The model VF-1 design is sophisticated simplicity.

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James wishes to either sell manufacturing license to his patent pending design to an existing manufacturer, or to find bold financial partners willing to go the distance to bring a significant, new firearm design from drafting table to the market.

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