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Film Services

Whether as the Director, the Cinematographer, or the Editor, James Arnett makes movies, on time and on budget.



If you are about to bet the farm on a motion picture director, you might as well go for a director who knows every aspect of traditional and digital production and what it takes to make it a success that ensures you ultimately have a marketable film.



Knowing how the picture, sound and visual effects will be set up for post production guarantees that successs. He can set up complex plate shots and other provisional photography that will work in post production, where everything has to come together seamlessly. There is no substitute for experience, ability and sound judgment.

James has a unique and diverse skill set developed to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to how all of the bits and pieces of visual storytelling come together to make an entertaining movie.

He also knows expedient methods of setting up action and knows how to light shots beautifully and fast to keep a production on schedule. It also helps to have a director who always has contingency plans and the flexibility to adapt to actual conditions on the ground. That means everything on a production.

But thinking fast on one's feet under pressure isn't enough, it also takes a strong sense of visual story telling.

Understanding the conventions, the cinematic devices, the reasons why one choice achieves the desired effect over another is essential to making a film that ultimately finds an audience.

Competency, leadership, knowledgability in all areas of filmmaking, highly developed creative abilities and vision make James Arnett your best bet when selecting your director to helm your next motion picture.

When you absolutely need to succeed, you can't afford to gamble on anyone less.

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Frame captures from
"Blocked," (2011)
written and directed by James Arnett.



Frame captures from
"Mary Shelley's The Last Man," (2008)
written, directed and filmed by James Arnett.



PBS interview with James Arnett (2008)

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KOLD13 News Report

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Professional Cinematography services by James Arnett are available for feature film productions nationwide, subject to his availability.

Whether you're looking for a hard, dark, film noir style, or a film soleil for a more bleak daylight style, or a clean, soft, even light for a warm style, or a combination of styles and subtle movements aqnd kinetic action to tell your story visually, it comes down to the cinematographer behind the camera to bring out the stylistic magic within the light and shadows of each of your scenes.



As you know, still images can never do the cinematography justice. To see the Kinetic Action Reel of James Arnett's cinematography work, please contact James by clicking the "contact" button up on the menu and request the private link to the video file. You won't be disappointed.


Computer Graphics

Professional Computer Graphics Services by James Arnett are available for short and feature size media projects, for television and online streaming using the Newtek Lightwave license.



James is no stranger to animation. The L.A. Times consulted him, Will Vinton Studios and the USC School Of Cinema And Television for their cover story.


Picture Editing

Professional Picture Editing services by James Arnett are available for all size media projects, from television commercials and short films to larger scope feature film projects using the Adobe Premiere Pro license.


Sound Editing & Design

Professional Sound Editing and Sound Design services by James Arnett are available for all size media projects, from television commercials and short films to larger scope feature films using the Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition licenses to sync sound to picture, patch spoiled audio from subsequent clean takes, and to clean-up noise-tainted dialogue and to create a virtual 3D world of sound effects and themed ambience.



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