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An Enduring Legacy Of Creativity And Innovation

Established in 1958,New York City, NY by James's father Alec, the industry award winning A.I.A. motion picture company specialized in animated films for the Smithsonian Institution, NASA and many multinational corporations headquartered in NYC, including Pepsico, Celenese as well as NYC television broadcasters.



Alec The Painter

During Alec's time working overseas for the United States State Department, he always took time to go native, go exploring and go painting.

Besides English, Alec spoke French, Spanish, Portugese, Arabic, and Albanian.


Alec painting in the Middle East and South America during the 1950's.



Alec's paintings and animation art.



Alec's Magic Marker art of the "Spirit Of The Times" 1969-1971.



Alec's animation art.


The A.I.A. Model A-35 Camera

This was Alec's masterpiece cine camera design - his A-35 series animation cameras, developed for single frame animation applications and motion controlled photography with a Super-35 aperture and a Nikon or Primo lens mount.

The advantage of the camera is its reflex viewing system with rotoscope gate, merging the Mitchell design with the Bell & Howell movements in one, robust camera body.



The A.I.A. A-35 series animation cameras can mount to a motion control track with animation camera controller, external magazine and video assist monitor.


The door is removed showing the internal magazine and camera movement.

A-35 series animation cameras with remote follow focus unit and controller connectors. The color video assist tap is seen to the right of the camera body and integral with the reflex viewfinder.


In memory of my father Alec.
The most creative man I ever knew,
who taught me more than any school.



© James Arnett, all rights reserved.